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Halloween Party Recap

This weekend, my roommates and I all decided to head home for a Halloween party in Milwaukee! It was a spontaneous trip, but a good excuse to dress up and do something seasonal. I went to Chicago last year for Halloween and had such a great weekend, so I was excited to go home this time and doing something different again. We all chose to dress up as goth and I love how our costumes turned out. We took the funniest pictures and went crazy with our makeup, so I had to share.

I got home around five on Saturday with nothing to wear but my Doc Marten's, so Elizabeth and I made a quick trip to Forever 21 where I found this perfect mesh top and these pants. You guys... if you had shown me these photos in high school during my all-pink phase when I literally wore a bow in my hair everyday to school, I probably would've cried. It's so funny to me how style can change so much! I think these pants are sweeeet.

like... look at the patch! so fun. i was trying so hard not to laugh while taking these.

I had no idea what to do with my hair so I threw it in a bun while I was doing my makeup and ended up just teasing it and pulling some of the front pieces out and going with it. I loved how it looked too! Elizabeth's wig was hilarious, and one of our other roommates, Celia, just went all-out with her pigtails and black hairspray at the ends.

Overall we definitely looked crazy but that's what makes Halloween so fun! I actually instagrammed one of those pictures but admittedly got a little scared that I looked insane so I took it down, haha.

What did you dress up as for Halloween?! I loooove seeing other people's costumes so if you shared pictures I want to see!


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