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Current Obsessions

Since being MIA recently, I have discovered a few new things that I love and need to share with all of you! This is a pretty random assortment, but just a handful of fall favorites that I currently can't get enough of!

First up, my new Nike Air Max's. I wanted to get a comfortable, more casual pair of sneakers to wear to class now that it's getting colder and my shoe options are limited. I was shopping on Net-a-Porter when I found this pair and I don't know if any other sneaker could be more me!!! They're pink!!! And CORDUROY. I really can't get over that they're corduroy... that's so genius. I ordered my usual size and they are so comfortable.

I was really good about not wearing leggings to class for about the first month and a half of school, but once I started I just couldn't stop (isn't that how it always goes?!). I went to fetch my tried and true leggings from last year and realized they were in desperate need of replacement! I decided to go ahead and purchase this Lululemon pair and I honestly couldn't love them more. I got the super hi-rise, which is the highest rise they make, and it was a great decision. I usually wear an 8 in Lulu shorts, but I got these leggings in a 4 and they fit perfectly. They're tight in all of the right spots and they aren't see through at all! Worth every penny in my opinion.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might know that when it comes to makeup, I rarely wear it on a daily basis, and only really go all-out when I'm actually going out. For about a year and a half, YSL The Shock mascara has been my go-to and I really, truly, believed nothing could compare. Never before have I gone through an entire tube of mascara so obsessively, and when I ran out weeks ago I was freaking out that it was sold out almost everywhere! So, on a Target run recently one of my roommates suggested I pick up the Falsies mascara by Maybelline and see how I like it. You guys... it's so incredible. I know some people feel like all mascaras are essentially the same, but I am very picky about which ones I like, and I have to say this one might be a new favorite for me. It's literally $40 less than the YSL tube and I am loving it!

I wish I had a better picture to show for it, but finding a picture of myself without sunglasses on really narrows down my options ;)

What are you currently loving?


  1. I didn't wear leggings to class until YESTERDAY (which is a miracle in of itself) but then I did it again today and I have a feeling that there is no going back now hahaha just like you said!

    1. omg good for you girl I could not hold off that long!!


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