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Life Recap: Finishing School, Chicago Weekend + Mother's Day

Happy Wednesday! Today I thought it was necessary to do a little life recap of what I've been up to in the last week or so. I am out of school for the summer, I spent a weekend in Chicago with my dad and brother, and I had such a fun Mother's Day with my mom and our family friends.

I finished exams last Monday and decided to stay at school until Wednesday evening to hang out by the pool at my apartment and read a few books. Even though Madison is only just over an hour from my house, the weather there is so much nicer than here in Milwaukee-- it was 70s-80s everyday and so sunny last week! I mostly did nothing those few days except read and relax and enjoying not having to worry about finals.

I came home on Wednesday and brought with me just a couple of suitcases with clothes and shoes. Since I have my apartment through the majority of the summer, I plan to go back to Madison to hang out and pick up more things. I am moving into a different apartment building for next year, but I just can't let this one go quite yet! I really, really loved where we lived this past year.

On Friday my Dad came to Milwaukee from Chicago where he had been for work all week and picked me up from my house. My Dad lives in Dallas, so I hadn't seen him since Christmas! We went to Bavette in Milwaukee's Third Ward for lunch and split delicious bresaola and a reuben! So good.

When we got to Chicago we picked up my brother and hung out for a bit before heading to our hotel and then a late dinner. It was a pretty lowkey day but just so fun to all be together-- it doesn't happen enough!

On Saturday we had a bit of a late start and didn't get to brunch until around 1 PM. My Dad's all-time favorite spot is Lou Mitchell's in the West Loop (I think that's what you could consider it, if you know Chicago). Our brunch was followed by a trip to the conservatory which was the perfect place to spend a rainy Saturday and to teach my brother a few tips for using his new camera. He is studying abroad in San Tiago, Chile next semester and got the same Nikon as me for his trip!

After the conservatory we actually went to a dive bar for a few hours and played pool before heading to my brother's apartment. It was such a fun afternoon of random activities! We went to an amazing Mexican restaurant for dinner.

On Sunday it was a quick morning and then I was headed back to Milwaukee for brunch with my mom and a full day of fun. Of course, I made sure we had time to stop at my favorite donut spot, Firecakes, before heading out of town.

When I got to Milwaukee, we hopped around the Third Ward with our family friends after brunch, and spent the whole day just having fun and hanging out outside.

This week I haven't been up to much, as I mentioned here. I've mostly been lounging around, walking my dog, and trying to get back into running.

What have you babes been up to lately?!

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  1. The pictures from the conservatory are absolutely beautiful. I'd love to see a post on photography tips.


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