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Mid-March Favorites

I hate going a whole week without a new blog post! This month in particular I have been feeling myself slacking, and it's especially disappointing considering I just got a brand new laptop and have every excuse to be blogging more now that I'm fully equipped with a lightning-fast computer. Today I wanted to jump on and share what I've been loving lately, because I did this at the end of January and totally meant to do it again at the end of February... three weeks ago!!!

L I S T E N I N G // Anderson Paak is one of my absolute favorite artists, and his brand new song that came out a few weeks ago is the beat behind the new Apple Home ad. If you haven't yet seen the video, it's amazing, and the song is so good -- I have been listening to it while I run and even when I'm just hanging out. Can't get enough!

W A T C H I N G // I started watching Sex and the City and it's completely changed my life (wish I were kidding ;) If you had to pick who's personality matches yours, who would it be?? Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, or Miranda? I'd love to say I'm Carrie (duh!) but I also oddly relate to Miranda so much. SO funny.

E X E R C I S E // You can read my entire running update blog post here! I have been trying to keep up with running as much as I did in January, but I'm going to be honest that just hasn't been happening. I want to do a half marathon this summer and need to seriously get it together. 

W E A R I N G // A lot of my wardrobe focus recently has been geared towards my trip to London. I leave Tuesday and will be bringing along this coat (under $40 -- 50% off!), this skirt, and this pair of sunglasses.

A C C E S S O R I Z I N G // I got bored yesterday and triple pierced my ear, again using this kit from Amazon. I did my double last week with friends as I mentioned here! Loving these initial earrings I purchased, and randomly also loving this zodiac necklace (I'm a Leo! + under $40) and this ring set, both that I picked up at the mall last weekend.

B E A U T Y // I made the greatest discovery a couple of weeks ago: putting Argan Oil on my face before bed! This has not clogged my pores at all and makes such a difference in keeping my skin hydrated and looking much more glowy! I use this Argan Oil, just a few drops, mix it between my fingers, and lather it on. I also tried the KNC collagen lip mask (here on Nordstrom and here on Amazon) and absolutely love how my lips felt and looked afterward.

H A I R // Still using this shampoo and still love it! Smells amazing, along with this treatment that I could not recommend more. I am trying to straighten my hair less and thus have switched to more blow drying, which I love so much more. 

E A T I N G // Hahahah remember when I did this same post in January and said my sugar cravings decreased?! I would give anything right now to feel that way again! I made brownies last night with my roommate and we added a tsp of coffee grounds to the batch. Could not recommend it more!! Makes the flavor so good,

What are you into lately? Would love to hear some of your current obsessions!

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