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Winter Coat Lust List

lol, I wish ^

It's kind of funny how long the weather managed to stay warm here this fall, and then the day it turned November first it was automatically 30 degrees. That is the Wisconsin I'm used to, but I can't exactly say it has me excited. Maybe winter took a while to get here, but it always seems to drag out until the last possible minute. Heading to classes yesterday in a Patagonia jacket reminded me that I definitely forgot to bring my actual winter coat to school and it has me scouring to purchase a new one. Ugh, why is coat shopping so tantalizing?!

(9) stripe fur (same style in gorgeous light blue) // (10) shearling // (11) faux fur // (12) orange moto

The above are a totally random mix of coats I simply just thought were cute. Some puffers and parkas, a few nicer options, and of course, some fur! Which is your favorite? Personally, I need #4 in my life (it's amazing!). I really just love the entire first row.

Which one is the cutest??

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