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College Fitness Update

image via jess's post on how to stay fit during the fall and holiday season!

A reader requested I share an updated workout routine, but I want this two be more of a discussion today than just me ranting on about what I like to do at the gym. What are your favorite workouts and how do you stay motivated to get in a good sweat? I'm chatting about my typical health and fitness schedule but I would love some inspiration from hearing yours!

I have been into running since high school and I try to run as much as I can each week. I personally think it's fun to push myself when it comes to pace and distance. On a typical week, I run 3-5 times and go anywhere between 2 and 6 miles each time I run (but I would never run 6 miles 5 times a week... 6 miles in general is rare!). I long all of my runs on Under Armour's "Map My Run" app and I average 8-15 miles per week; how far I go just depends on how I am feeling and how much motivation I have!

The gym at my apartment could not be more convenient. The gym is located one floor below me and it's open 24 hours a day, every single day. I am definitely going to miss that next year when I move into my new apartment! Madison is such a beautiful campus and city in general that it's not hard to enjoy a long run on the lake or on one of the city paths. Even at home there are so many beautiful running spots so it's never a bore to run outside.

In addition to running during the week, I am part of an all-girls workout club called CHAARG. You guys might know of it; CHAARG is on a ton of college campuses (see the full list here!). I originally thought I would be more devoted to CHAARG, but sometimes the events interfere with my schedule. Nonetheless, I still try to go to my small group workout every week and I love that there is a different workout for the whole club once a week that members can sign up for. The workouts are all in collaboration with a fitness studio in Madison, so I've gotten to try things like an OrangeTheory class and Pure Barre! Although I don't actually do a ton of workouts with CHAARG it's still fun to be in a community of girls with fitness goals and motivation to exercise.

On a typical trip to my apartment gym I will run a few miles and then do 5-15 minutes of little exercises like planks, sit-ups, squats, arm exercises with dumbbells, etc. I actually surprised myself last night and managed to hold a plank for 2 minutes and 20 seconds!!!! I was so excited about it, haha. That said, my workouts really aren't that intense, and I rarely feel "challenged" while I'm at the gym. That's part of why I want to talk to you guys about this today: how do you challenge yourself at the gym? How do you motivate to make a workout a good workout? I want to get into a workout regimen that makes me feel like I can expect to see results and to see progress, but I just don't even know where to begin!

I was surprised on Insta Stories a few weeks ago when a majority of you said you're in college or interested in college content, so I have a feeling a lot of you can relate to the desire to fit in good workouts at college! What are your best tips? What's your routine?

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