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This Week's Top 10

1. First things first: have you entered to win a pair of your choice Palm Beach Sandals?! Check out the giveaway in this blog post and in this Instagram for extra entries.

2. I scored this shirt on sale at J. Crew Factory on Tuesday for 13 dollars. What a deal! I am really in love with it... it's such a basic but I love the material. I might need to get it in white!

3. On the topic of sales: it's Memorial Day Weekend! What a huge surprise that there are INCREDIBLE sales going on ;) Most noteworthy: The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale.

4. Included in the Nordstrom sale... a very similar style of my trusty Kate Spade watch is on sale for 40% off.

5. I ordered this jewelry rack for my room on Amazon for a great deal as well, and I absolutely love how it looks. I needed something particularly for my necklaces, but I also was able to hang some bangles and bracelets, and even a few pairs of tassel earrings. It's really worth it if you're looking for some chic jewelry storage!

6. I finally feel like I might be starting to put my life back together. After a seemingly never ending year at school and a really all-over-the-place week last week, I feel like I am possibly about to get back into a routine and I am excited to kick this off with a fun, packed, holiday weekend ahead of us.

7. Speaking of getting my life back together... My mom and I were watching Chef's Table last night and we got to talking about she has always wanted to go to the famous French Laundry restaurant by Thomas Keller in Napa, California. We decided our goal for this summer is to pick up his book, Ad Hoc at Home, and try to make two of his dinners (or any recipes) a week! I am grabbing the book this afternoon at the library, and if we like it I think we will go ahead and order it for keeps. Have any of you heard of Thomas Keller? I hadn't, but then I read about him and was really amazed... he is an incredible chef with too many honors and accolades to count. I'm excited to test out some of his recipes! (He actually has a ton of books which you can see here, but we chose Ad Hoc at Home because it's family-style.)

8. Julia has always been one of my favorite bloggers because I love how authentic she is, coupled with her simplistic yet energetic and crisp way of life. This blog post she wrote about people who criticize her as a blogger really made me feel so bad for her! Of course my following is nowhere near the size of hers, so it was really crazy to me to hear how people can be so downright cruel to those who are successful. I thought the post was incredibly well-written, and props to Julia for handling a difficult situation so well! I also loved her "What Do Bloggers Do All Day?" blog post yesterday. Really interesting for someone like me who considers being a full-time blogger in the future like daily ;)

10. How are you spending your long weekend?? Enjoy extra time with family and friends and I hope you all have nice weather!


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