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Spring Inspiration

Happy Thursday! I apologize that content has been a little light on the blog this week. I have been swamped with exams and I am heading to New York tomorrow for Easter weekend, making my plate a little extra full trying to fit in course work and assignments before I venture out of town. Hopefully, things will be back into the swing of things mid-next week once my research paper (!!) is complete, exams are over, and I am at school for good until the end of the school year! Who else has just one month left?! Crazy to think my freshman year of college is almost behind me.

Also.. how are we already two weeks into April. Tomorrow is Good Friday (in the Church, this means our 40 days of Lent end on Sunday when we celebrate Easter) and it feels like just yesterday was February. But... at the same time, Spring Break feels like years ago. Does this happen to anyone else? I feel like I have been so crazy busy I can't even keep up with my life.

But... taking a step back to appreciate that we have had weather in and above the 70s this week in PA, there's only one month of school left, and I get to see my aunts and cousins this weekend, I'd say things are definitely looking up! Here's a little spring inspiration to brighten your day.

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