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15 Graduation/Occasion Dresses

I talked about graduation party invitations and graduation gift ideas a few weeks ago, but before all else, the most essential part of graduation is securing the perfect dress! I went to a Catholic, all-girls high school, so for graduation we wore long white dresses and white gloves to our elbows. I loved the traditional look and I thought it made our graduation ceremony so special. In general, I do believe that white dresses are the perfect choice for graduation ceremonies, and I feel like most private schools ask that girls wear some sort of white dress. However, if you're graduating this year and not feeling the all-white look, I personally find seersucker dresses, Lilly Pulitzer dresses, and really any other pretty dresses of that sort fabulous for the occasion as well.

Honestly, I think these dresses are all gorgeous, and they would work well for any nice occasion you might have on your calendar for this summer.

11: Gold Detail // 12: Eyelet // 13: Tiered Scallop // 14: Pink Crepe // 15: Lilac Lace

Do you have your graduation dress picked out already? Or if you're not a graduate, where did you find your dress?


  1. I love the purple dress. The lace is beautiful.

  2. I found both of my college graduation dresses from J.Crew. For high school I wore the same white dress I grabbed at Macy's for being a Junior Marshall. Jess at Just Jess


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