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Valentine's Day 2017

Jack's big Valentine's Day gift to me this year is his trip out to see me at Lehigh in a few weeks. Of course, he wouldn't go out without raising the bar, so he also surprised me with a four pound box full of all the Reese's... every kind from the dark chocolate to the giant cups and even the pieces. He's crazy but it was so, so thoughtful. They're my favorite!!! I'm actually a little scared now to have them all in my position.... 24 days until spring break.... pray for me.

Thank you all for your kind feedback on yesterday's post! It fits in well with today, so if you haven't seen it yet, read about my experience doing long distance in college right here.

Happy Valentine's Day! Do you have any plans for today? I wish I could see Jack but knowing he's coming in just two weeks is good enough for me!! Today you all can be my Valentines instead; I love each of you!!!
xoxoxoxoxo fran

PS- I had no idea these photos were being taken, but how funny are they? My friend took them as I was opening the box. I couldn't not share :)

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