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This Week's Top 10

1. So, the groundhog saw his shadow yesterday, and I definitely think this sweater is the perfect transition for the next six weeks of winter to spring.

2. Olivia's wedding was seriously gorgeous. Now I totally want to get married in Texas?

3. This week I switched up my workouts from 75% cardio / 25% strength to more of a 50/50 situation and I really liked it... Here is a really good article that explains the benefits if you're on the fence about switching!

4. Speaking of fitness, I loved Carly's post the other day.

5. Old Navy has a ton of amazing workout leggings and they're all on sale right now.

7. Did you see my Valentine's Day gift ideas on the blog this week?

8. ...or how about my February playlist?

9. These sunnies are one of my favorite from my Valentine's Day post.

10. Alpha Phi is having our first date party next Friday and I'm in need of a dress! Any dress site suggestions for me?



  1. Lulu's is a great place to get dresses for any kind of event, they have an amazing selection!
    Lauren Alston //


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