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Winter Break Recap

It's hard to believe that a whole month has gone by and tomorrow morning I'll be kicking off sorority recruitment. I got to Lehigh this afternoon, moved into my new dorm, and I'm feeling like I can really start this semester off fresh. As difficult as it was to leave home again and come back to a school that I'm not completely in love with, my mind is open for better things to come in this new semester, especially with sorority rush and a new class schedule (goodbye, five classes on Fridays!). And, this last month was a pretty good one. Sure, I ate too many Christmas cookies and I definitely didn't do all of the working out that I planned to in order to get fit for rush, but I really wouldn't have traded this time at home for anything. I spent so, so much time every day with my friends and my family and I really feel like I made the most of my time at home. At the end of the day, that's what matters.

A little recap of the past month...

Dec. 18 // Despite my original flight being cancelled the night before our cookie exchange, I was able to make it home the following morning in time for our party, which was the best way to kick off winter break.

Dec. 22 // Jack and I went to Chicago for the day, where we saw the decorations around the city and at the Lincoln Park Zoo, and did a little shopping and hot chocolate indulging.

Dec. 23-27 // I spend Christmas in St. Louis with my mom's side of the family. On Christmas Eve we went to mass and on Christmas we stayed at home at my Grandparent's house and just enjoyed each other's company! The day after Christmas, my mom showed me Washington U in St. Louis, where my dad went to undergraduate school, and a few other parts of downtown St. Louis that I hadn't seen before, because she grew up there.

Dec. 28-30 // Caroline and I went up north Wisconsin to her Cabin to go snowmobiling, which was my first time doing so! It was so much fun and such a great little getaway to just relax and refresh after all of the Christmas rush.

Dec. 31 // I threw a little New Year's Eve party with my friends at my house and it was such a great way to ring in the New Year. It was just a few of my closest friends, so it was small and simple, but that's what made it so enjoyable.

Jan. 1 // My mom and I drove my brother back to school in Chicago and stayed overnight with our family friends in Lincoln Park. I love seeing those girls and it was a really fun little trip!

Jan. 3 // I went back to work a few times over break, which I always am so grateful to do. I work at a custom paper shop in Milwaukee where we make mostly wedding invitations, but do a lot of parties and other things as well! It's so fun because it's not a store, it's purely a service-based studio so my job is just to do a lot of the actual putting-together of the wedding invitations, menus, programs, save the dates, etc.! If you're in Wisconsin, or even if you're not, check out our website here if you ever want a little custom paper! Debbie always does our cookie exchange invites as well.

Jan. 5 // I went to my best friend Elizabeth's boyfriend's ski race to cheer him on because he is a year younger than us, which brought back so many memories! I used to go to Jack's ski races last year and watch him race, and it was always so exciting (because he's a champ and won, like, every time ;) )

Jan. 6 // A different one of my best friends and I went on a two hour walk down to Milwaukee's Third Ward, which was honestly really weird because it was one of the coldest days of all break! But, it was all worth it because we made avocado grilled cheeses when we got back! So good. Check out that recipe here.

Jan. 10 // Shot a bunch of outfits for the blog ;)

Jan. 13 // Jack, Elizabeth, and her boyfriend and I went skiing Friday night, which was a fun little double date. Funny story, Elizabeth made fondue to bring for eating in the chalet, and when we went to eat the fondue, we had our bread out, salami out, and everything was ready to go.... and we totally forgot the fondue. ooooops! Still yummy other things tho!

Jan. 14 // I got smoothie bowls with a friend and then lunch with Debbie and the girl I work with! Such a yummy day, but I was definitely full by the end!

Jan. 15 // I went skiing for the second time with Jack!

Jan. 16 // Last day! Jack and I went to University of Wisconsin- Madison to walk around, which ended up being a really bad decision because the weather was freezing and rainy, so we were slipping around on the sidewalks all afternoon. I'm still glad we spent the day together, though! We went back to my house after for the last good dinner I'll eat in the next two months probably (Lobster, duh ;) and then I packed!

Overall, it was such a nice month. Crazy busy and packed for sure, not what I expected, but overall amazing to be home. Here's to rush and a better second semester!


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