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This Week's Top 10

1. This weekend is gonna be a fun one at Lehigh! Lehigh and Lafayette (another university ~20 minutes away) have the longest played football rivalry in college football (or something like that) and the hype has been so huge all week. Tomorrow is the big game, and it's going to be rowdyyyy! I'm so excited to celebrate the grand finale of Le-Laf!

2. ....and when we return on Monday, only two days of classes! As I mentioned yesterday, I head to Dallas for Thanksgiving on Wednesday. Did you see my Thanksgiving style guide and healthy recipes?

3. I bought this bag in New York last weekend and I'm obsessed with it. It's the perfect size and color!

4. Also, I have yet another new favorite pair of pajamas... This time, holiday inspired! How cute are these?! I can't wait to wear this season!

5. My Dad (and anyone else cooking their first Thanksgiving dinner!) needs to read this Vogue article.

6. This pullover looks so comfy and pretty chic for a sweatshirt. Maybe I could start stepping up my attire for class...

8. I just switched to this mascara and so far I have no complaints!

9. Pretty, pretty, pretty Thanksgiving table inspiration


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  1. love this, happy weekend! I'm so ready for a break!
    xo, Hannah


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