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Getting Intimate

I'm going to come out and say it: I love a pretty bra and nice underwear. I mean, don't we all? What's not to love? I'm definitely the kind of girl who hangs out at home in just a big t-shirt or sweatshirt, but when I go out I love knowing that what's underneath my outfit is just as fabulous!

When I saw this bra from Thirdlove, I knew I needed it for the holidays. The dark berry color is gorgeous for this season (it comes in 6 colors too!) and the lace is incredibly high-quality in person. The feel of the bra is really soft and silky and unlike most bras, it feels smooth and not so bulky with extra padding or a thick band. I love how the straps sit a little wider on the shoulders too, making the bra adaptable for a variety of necklines. 

Really, this bra emulates Thirdlove's mission: "a good bra is one you never think about," because it's so subtle and comfortable and the whole strap thing makes it so you don't need to worry about your straps shifting or showing throughout the day. I just love how it really keeps everything in place while being incredibly high quality, and so soft... I can't get over that part. It's like a silky cloud on the underside! 

I think I might need it in a few more colors... and I'm definitely going to be trying another bra from Thirdlove soon! The website has a cool feature too where you can "try before you buy" by using their fit finder. I personally didn't use the tool, but I ordered this bra in my usual size and it fits perfectly true to size.

Where do you find your favorite bras? Is this type of post something you'd be interested in seeing more of on the blog? It's always exciting for me to post new kinds of content!

Shop some of my other favorite bras and undies in the holiday shop.

*Thank you to Thirdlove for the bra! This post, however, was not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This bra is so cute! I've been looking for alternatives to the usual Victoria's Secret bras so I have to try these out!!!


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