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Best Boots Under $200

So... I'm starting to feel like I have a shoe problem. Or, at least a shoe problem is definitely developing. I think about shoes, like, a lot. I really, really like shoes. I keep thinking about how I need more shoes, I want more shoes and shoes, shoes, shoes...

I'm convinced the source of the problem is that it's simply genetic; my mom is a total shoe person. A few seasons ago her and I sat down to go through her shoes and stopped organizing/shamelessly counting once we hit 150 pairs because it was time for a break. And, probably a snack. I remember when I was really little and we lived in Chicago and on the weekends I would feel tortured sitting on the chairs and wandering around the shoe sections of Lord and Taylor and Neiman's and Nordstrom while my mom shoe shopped. And then, I remember around fifth or sixth grade when suddenly my feet were big enough for women's shoes and then I was the one who never wanted to leave the rack of pretty things for my feet. 

But now, this thing called college is happening to me and I really shouldn't be buying shoes. I should be saving my money and spending it wisely, etc, etc. BUT, sometimes you just have to treat yourself, right?! That's why I rounded up my favorite boots for the reason, and they're all under $200. So, that's not that bad, is it? Someone, agree with me.

heeled booties: grey // leather // suede // brown
flat boots: black // suede
winter boots: tall sorel's // bean boots // navy

You can probably tell that I'm in the market for new booties. I got these tall boots for Christmas last year, and I already have a fabulous pair of trusty LL Bean Boots, but my ankle boots are getting beat up and need to be replaced. It's sort of dawning on me that I'm entering the age where wearing a pair of shoes with a heel for a daily shoe wouldn't be that weird, which is nice because this pair is definitely my favorite of the above. But, would I really want to do that? I feel like if I really added them to my closet I'd never actually pull them out and try to pull that off. Thoughts?

What are your favorite pair of boots in your closet?


  1. I have a total shoe problem as well! In college I mainly bought "going out booties" that I wouldn't be sad to throw away at the end of the season because they got too dirty. Sure I would invest in some nice ones to wear to class or out to dinner but I lived on cheaper pairs in my college days.
    xo elle //

  2. I totally understand your shoe problem! While I was stuck on the couch last week sick, I did a little too much online shopping and should have two new pairs of boots on my doorstep one day this week!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style


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