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This Week's Top 10

1. Parents weekend is here!!! My dad will arrive at Lehigh around noon today and we are planning to get lunch together before I have to go to my afternoon classes. I'm so excited for him to visit and especially for the football game tomorrow.

2. Yesterday's blog post really was a fun one to write, I hope you didn't miss it! I shared a bunch of ideas for Halloween costumes created with pieces you probably already have in your wardrobe.

4. Sneak peek of my future home #hearteyesemoji

5. This is a really good read for anyone questioning what they want to do in college or post-college.

6. The cutest Soludos come in black and I actually need them.

8. Topshop at Nordstrom right now has everything you could need for fall.

9. This week's photo above is from Jacey's Paris trip for fashion week. Ugh, she's so cool.

10. One week until I'm reunited with my mom and boyfriend!! I am so excited for this weekend with my dad, and another fun weekend next weekend too. Have a good one! Woooooohooooo!!


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  1. Such fun and exciting visits for you! Enjoy parents weekend. I love when my parents would visit and I can show them all the places I spend my time in college (even if most of it is the library)!


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