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This Week's Top 10

1. Ahhh!!! I booked my plane tickets for fall break on Wednesday and I'll be home in exactly three weeks! I know I've only been at school for a month, but I really can't wait to be home for a few days.

2. Sarah Vickers and Gigi Hadid in one place. What more goals could you possibly have?!

3. I shared a few of my favorite study songs yesterday, so check out this post if you haven't yet! I know a lot of people having tests and exams coming up so you might find this helpful.

4. Another academic note... I slept through my first class yesterday. It's the first and only class I've missed yet (knock on wood) and I kind of freaked out about it! Has anyone else been a victim of oversleeping lately?

5. Okay, I'm obsessed with this dress. Which color is cuter?

6. Here are 20 things to do this fall! I'm excited to go to the Lehigh vs Princeton home game this weekend!

7. Paris in Four Months is actually one of the most beautiful blog's I've ever discovered.

8. This sweater is a major staple for fall

9. And you can shop my full fall wish-list right here!

10. Have a great weekend and happy official start to the season of fall! 


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