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This Week's Top 10

1. Happy weekend! I am so excited for the kickoff of NY Fashion Week, and to announce that I'm going (!!!) for the first time on Monday!

2. Speaking of NYFW, did you hear about how Kanye's show was a hot mess?

3. This appetizer looks phenomenal.

5. When I have a daughter, I'm throwing her a party like this every. single. year.

6. On a similar note, Rach Parcell had her second baby this week and her Instagram feed right now makes my heart melt!!!

7. I am so envious of Julia's latest trip to Hawaii... this post is vacation goals.

9. I also am loving this scarf.

10. The perfect shorts for campus.


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  1. I would do a party like that every year if I had a little girl too! I want to do a party like that for myself every year, so cute!


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