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Quick Hello from Lehigh

It's hard to believe that I have only been at Lehigh for a week when I think about everything that I've been up to... orientation, almost a whole week of classes, making friends, getting settled in my new room, going out to parties, coffee dates and BBQ's with sorority girls, the list never ends! A million and one things have been keeping me so crazy busy that I feel horrible about how blogging has dropped off of my list of priorities. Just last night (keep in mind that it's only "syllabus week"!!) I had over 100 pages of reading, a two hour French assignment, and other things to finish up as well. I mentioned in this post that the party scene is huge at Lehigh, and the Princeton Review confirmed us as the #4 party school, so balancing going out with a whole new school life has been another stresser to add to the list.

As September is starting today and my first week of classes are finishing up (I can't believe I have all five classes tomorrow, ugh), I'm excited to finally feel more settled in. I have established a friend group of girls that I am loving getting to know, and although it's only been a week and I've had more mental breakdowns than I can count, I'm excited to really get into my routine here and continue to make memories. It's so crazy how much you can read about what freshman year of college is like, but until you arrive, there really is no way to prepare!

Have a great Thursday night everyone! I'm finishing up some homework as we speak and then heading to dinner and a Louis the Child concert on campus that Lehigh is hosting for us. I will probably go out tonight, which means heading to the frat parties just off campus and popping into a few of those. My earliest classes are 9:10 AM's, so even though I have five classes tomorrow, I haven't gone out since Monday and I've been able to finish my work and catch up on sleep. Tomorrow night, of course, will be super fun too, and then Saturday is the first football game! Lehigh tradition on Saturdays is to party all day, go home and take a nap, and then wake up and keep partying... haha I guess we didn't earn party school #4 for nothing ;)

Anyone else wrapping up their first week of freshman year or just moving in? I hope anyone else in my position is settling in, powering through the rigor of college courses (it's only the start after all!), and starting to feel at home. I know a few of my friends are just moving in this week too, so to anyone just beginning their journey, best of luck to you!

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