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This Week's Top 10

1. Greetings from beautiful Martha's Vineyard! The island is even more quaint and quintessential than    I could've imagined. I'm still debating if it tops Newport, RI as my fave beach town and oh, it just might!!

2. So far, my favorite spot on the island is Rosewater Market and Take-Away... the chia seed pudding with their house-made granola is seriously unreal. I've tried chia pudding in the past and never liked it because I just couldn't get my seed to liquid ratios quite right, but oh my gosh this stuff was like tapioca-texture, flavorful, and beyond delish!

3. While we're on the seed note, did you see my perfected avocado toast recipe with hemp seeds?! You must try it!

4. The Nordstrom anniversary sale is HERE! As usual, it's huge, and I am sure you're already sick of all the blog posts, endless collages, and the like. But, you won't want to miss it, so shop it here.

5. Eeek, I also can't believe Sammy is in MKE! I can not wait to see her when I get back home this weekend.

6. I chatted a little about the book I'm reading already, but I wanted to give Liar by Rob Roberge another shoutout on the blog! It's unexpected but so, so good.

7. The Boston Junior League's show house this year is unreal. Like, seriously my dream bedroom right here. Pardon my French but holy shit. I want it.

8. The more I see this pair of Jack Rogers the more I think I just need them.

10. Have you been following along with my trip on Snapchat?! Add me @ franacciardo! I've been snapping a ton and would love for all of you to see how cute the Vineyard is.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Fran- I've been loving your Martha's Vineyard snaps... So jealous of your trip! XO, Nicole

  2. The bedroom in the Junior League Show House is GORGEOUS! Happy Friday Frannie!


  3. Dying over those alpacas! Your pics are amazing. So glad you had fun!


    PS. I miss you already :(

  4. These pictures are stunning! Looks so beautiful there!

    Kalina | Simply Semisweet


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