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This Week's Top 10

1. My apologies for only posting once this whole week! I took over nannying for a friend who's in Europe this week and on top of that and Summerfest, I've been so incredibly busy. However, I'm beyond excited for a weekend trip with my BFF and I have to admit the idea of staying in a hotel all by ourselves feels so grown-up. I can't really believe I'm old enough to do things like this sometimes! Expect a recap and destination reveal next week ;)

2. Okay, I really want a fun pool float and Target has some super cute options for just $20 (which is a significantly better deal than the floats I've seen on Pinterest and the like), including the watermelon, pizza slice, pink donut, and a pink flamingo!

3. My boyfriend and I are both reading this book right now, and it's so unlike anything I would normally pick out for myself. It's a memoir that is a little dark, surprisingly intense, at times a little gruesome, and subtly philosophical so that it makes me really look at my life in a different light. I think it might be one of my favorite's I've ever read...

4. If you want more book suggestions, this list looks promising.

6. This blue and white skirt is ultimately Greece-chic....

8. This looks so delicious... all of my favorite things!

9. Amy nailed it yet again with a classic outfit with super fun details

10. After this weekend of fun, I definitely need to get back on track with healthy eating and bumping up my exercise routine. Buuuuut, I can't seem to come with any plan that I think I'll be able to stick with! Suggestions, ideas, any thoughts at all, send them my way!



  1. I loved reading this! If you want a good book suggestion (that sounds like the book you'e reading- a thriller book), read "Big Little Lies" or "Girl on the Train." These are amazing books and I think that "Big Little Lies" might be my favorite book now!
    Sweetly, Sally //

  2. Hope you have a fun weekend away! As for healthy eating, I would highly recommend Halo Top Ice Cream because let's be real, I need ice cream in the summertime but this has a ton less calories!



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