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I didn't really realize it until I sat down to write this post how many "long-distance relationships" I have in my life... My dad has been living in Rhode Island for the last two years (he actually just relocated to Dallas, though!), Jack has been spending the summer in Door County, and blogging has introduced me to so many fabulous friends who are scattered across the country. I've always had my mom's family in St. Louis, and my dad's family across New England, so having a few miles between me and my peeps isn't all that strange to me. However, when you're reunited with the people you love and only get to see so rarely, it's the sweetest treat.

I actually, to be honest, completely forgot how much I love Sammy until she hopped out of the car in her pink romper and ran to give me a hug on my front steps. We all have those friends that it doesn't matter how long it's been since you've seen them, but right when you're together again it feels like that big gap never even existed. We picked up right where we left off and it was amazing! Thinking I only had 72 with Sammy is crazy because somehow, as short as that might be, it totally made up for the last two years of not seeing each other.

On Saturday night Caroline and I took Sammy to one of our favorite restaurants, famous for the frites and aioli. We also stopped by Lake Michigan and actually got in the water... um, I'm surprised we all made it out without hypothermia! It was freezing, but swimming in the pitch black night was really fun and totally worth it. We took Sammy to Culver's after for custard, a Wisconsin staple... safe to say, we ate a lot in those quick 72 hours. Oops. It happens.

On Sunday we stayed in our pajamas until one and then got brunch with my mom and Caroline's mom. We went to my friend's graduation party before returning home to relax, blog together, and make ice cream sundaes. After all, it was national ice cream day!

You can read all about our day on Monday in yesterday's collab, too, which includes a few yummy breakfast recipes from our lazy morning at home!

Overall, I am so so glad I made it home from Martha's Vineyard in time on Saturday to spend the rest of my weekend with Sammy before she returned to LA. I'd take a staycation in Wisco with my BFF anyday over another vacay!!!

PS- Get the details on my outfit in this post here (and enter my giveaway in that post, too, while you're at it ;)

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