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Choosing a Planner / Agenda

It's hard to believe next week is already August, aka the officially month where most 2016-2017 planners / agendas begin. I've had my planner ready to go since May, but I wanted to share a few cute options today in case you're still on the lookout for a good agenda for the school year.

Wise Words // Maybooks (comes in a million colors/patterns/monogram styles) // Kate Spade stripe
Day Designer (mini and full) // Desktop // Ban.Do

This year I will be using this striped Kate Spade agenda. Let me know if you're interested in seeing a closer look at what the inside looks like / my plans for organizing it. In the past I have used the Day Designer, a Maybooks planner, and a large Lilly Pulitzer agenda.

A few pros and cons of each...

The Day Designer is really roomy and wonderful overall. The actual pages are incredibly organized, probably the most organized of any planner out there. The day-to-day pages allow you to set goals and reminders at the top, and next to your daily schedule, which is lined and numbered per hour, there is a to-do list, checklist formatted list as well.

The Lilly Planners are a popular choice because of the classic Lilly look and convenience factor (and the adorable stickers that come with it!!!). However, in my personal experience, I struggled with the Lilly planner. I used a size large my sophomore year, after a mini my freshman year. I assumed the large would suffice, but it's safe to say it was still too small, and I would recommend to anyone choosing a Lilly planner to opt for the "jumbo". The pages are very basic and simple (just lines), so the more room you have, the easier it will be to stay organized. 

I used a Maybooks agenda this past year and found it to be incredibly compact, which wasn't actually a bad thing. As I mentioned above, my large Lilly planner felt too small and often left me feeling irritated when I had no more room left to write. My Maybooks planner is definitely way smaller than the Lilly, for sure the smallest planner of all of the ones I've used, but for some reason it didnt feel as crammed. The daily boxes are totally blank- no lines or anything, so occasionally organization was a challenge if I had a ton of assignments on a particular day. However, I loved that this planner was completely customizable and incredibly compact. I often felt like the spirals of my Day Designer and Lilly agenda were bulky, and despite having less room with my Maybooks, the compact style was really nice.

I am really excited to try out the Kate Spade agenda this year. I feel like having a ton of room in my planner now that I'm starting college just makes the most sense, so it should be a good fit for what I need! 

Do you have a favorite planner?


  1. My go-to planner is Erin Condren! It's so well made and easy to use, I find myself finding excuses to write things down in it because I love it so much!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  2. Lilly agendas are my favorite- I'm on my fourth one! I may switch to the Day Designer next year though but I'll see haha!


  3. Kate Spade planners are adorable. Just be careful with it because they can get dinged up and damaged very easily! The pages are great but the cover didn't last long being tossed around in my backpack everyday.
    xo, Ashley

  4. I tried to stray from Lilly Planners in college, just to try out something different, and ended up running back! They were just the perfect size and durability for what I needed, plus I loved the style so I actually used it. Great post!



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