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This Week's Top 10

How cute is that wallpaper?!

1. I shared my prom recap on the blog this week.

2. These are the cutest summer pajamas, and they're under $30!

3. I saw these shorts in the store this week and I'm obsessed with them.

4. At work on Wednesday we had a little "cupcakes and calligraphy" party, which was quite a success! Did you see my insta?

5. Speaking of Instagram, what are your thoughts on the update?

6. What's the food holiday on your birthday?! Mine is chocolate pecan pie day.... I guess I can work with that (I'll eat anything with the words "chocolate" or "pie" in the title, let's be real)

8. Highkey, I want this for my graduation party.

10. Carin's graduation is on Sunday and I'm so excited to attend! I can't believe the graduation season is already upon us... I don't think I'm 100% ready to be done with high school. It's so bittersweet, especially now that housing contracts are out, class registration is up, and things are really kicking into gear.

Have a great weekend!

PS- Thanks for 5,000 on Insta! ILY all!!! And happy Friday the 13th ;)

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