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Prom Recap

Prom this weekend was so much fun. Usually I'm most excited for pictures and the after party, but I have to say that the dance this year did not disappoint! It was especially a special evening because it was the last high school dance for us, not including my school's post-graduation formal white dinner dance that we wear our long white graduation dresses to. I loved that I went to the first high school dance as a freshman (homecoming) with Jack, and then four years later we went to the last dance together too! It's crazy to me that it's been four years and not only has the dance situation come full circle, but we have also been dating for almost a year now!

Carin and our other BFF Elizabeth were so sweet to come to my pictures! They took charge of my camera and got some really good pics.

It's always kind of fun going to the boys' dances and getting to hang out in a different group of people! My friends took a lot of dates in a different friend group, so it was sort of fun to hang out with different people for a night but still all get to be together at the dance.

Finding a prom dress this year was a similar process as last year... just stressful! I ended up ordering seven dresses total, and I love the one I ended up wearing! I think it was a pretty unique choice, and I loved that it was a little different. My shoes arrived at my house Saturday morning, too, so typical. Thanks Fedex ;)

We took pictures downtown on the lakefront, had dinner at the actual prom, and then we went to a fairly small after party, but it was still so fun! Random note too, my bouquet was gorgeous... white calla lilies and peonies! My faves, so sweet.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special for Mother's Day yesterday? We had brunch and then enjoyed the nice weather a little bit outside. It was fun to have my brother home this weekend to celebrate too.

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  1. Omg Fran I'm seriously loving your dress and you're hair looks amazing!

    Xo, Kate //


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