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Graduation Recap

This weekend was all a blur... Celebrating graduation with so many of my family members in town and celebrating for four days in a row with seemingly infinite amounts of parties and festivities was a little overwhelming! My family all left yesterday morning so I enjoyed a leisurely afternoon with my mom and tried to recover a little bit from all of the events prior. Tonight is the senior white dinner dance, the final "high school" event I will ever attend, where we all wear our white graduation dresses again. It's basically like a very, very formal prom, but it's apparently the most fun dance and I am so beyond excited!

Today I wanted to share a few photos from the actual graduation ceremony on Friday night. The ceremony is held every year at the Milwaukee Theatre and I honestly think they could not have done a better job of making it a beautiful commencement. My class of 158 girls had four valedictorians, and every speech was incredible. Last year I went to graduation for some friends, and I felt that the valedictorian speeches were so boring, but my classmates this year really killed it. We also elect one "spirit of the class" speaker to give a final speech after we walk across the stage, and she also did a wonderful job... her speech was hilarious!

My little cousins came in from Long Island and Boston! How cute are they?!

The only time this whole weekend my brother wasn't sporting a man-bun... Smh.

After graduation I went to dinner with my grandparents, parents, aunt, and my brother to the best restaurant in MKE. If you know me at all you know how much I love good seafood, and I'm still dreaming about those scallops, crab legs and lobster!

Overall, it was an incredible night and one that truly made me so grateful for the last four years. I loved my high school experience and I can't quite believe it's over. I'm not sure when it'll really hit me that I'm totally done, but I love that at least it finished off in a fabulous way.


  1. You looked beautiful! And I think it hit me that I graduated this year when I saw everyone else younger than me graduating haha! Congratulations!


  2. Congratulations! I have a ton of posts about getting ready for college coming out this summer if you're interested!

    Caiti // Caiti Nicole Blog

  3. I love that you go to DSHA! My high school playsed against them in state volleyball this year!


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