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This Week's Top 10

2. Speaking of this weekend, meeting KJP was definitely a highlight!

3. I also picked up the perfect pair of sneaks.

4. Pretty baby blue gingham. A spring essential!

7. It doesn't get better than this pale pink off the shoulder dress.

8. Speaking of dresses, I'm in major need of a long dress for prom! I can't see to find one anywhere... Any suggestions?!

9. This airy farmhouse takes interior beauty to another level.

10. On Sunday I will leave for the last retreat (optional senior retreat) at my school. Retreats are just one night, so roughly 24 hours, but they are so much fun and always offer the most incredible bonding experiences as a class. I always feel so loved and grateful afterwards, so I am really going to try and be present every minute of it!



  1. Love that gingham! And for my proms, I always went to the BCBG outlet by me. They always had a ton of options that no one else was wearing!

    xo Kylie

  2. I wore a J.Crew bridesmaids dress for my prom...super easy!

  3. So jealous that you meet KJP! My prom dress is Jenny Yoo from Nordstrom, in love with it!



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