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Styling Short Hair

In the past week, I've come to realize how much easier it is to have short hair... showering is faster, shampoo no longer needs to be used in excess, and drying it takes a matter of minutes rather than hours. However, one thing that I've found most difficult about having short hair is that I actually have to style it now. I am so not used to having to style my hair at all. When I had long hair, I blessed with natural waves and volume that came from air drying and messing it up with my fingers. Not going to lie, I took my senior photos after towel drying my hair!

Unfortunately, this is not the case with my short hair. I got out of the shower on Saturday, let my hair air dry, and then cried about how much I hated it. I thought it looked so terrible to the point where I didn't even go out Saturday night because I thought I looked ugly... basically I'm pathetic. I'm not trying to throw myself a pity party, really, because TBH I think I just sound more pathetic and more like a brat rather than like I should be feeling bad for myself. The point is simply that I'm glad I donated my hair, and once I learn how to style it and get used to the short, I know I'll love it. I just need a little inspiration.

What I've realized with my naturally wavy hair is that it's just too puffy for this length! I'm thinking I'll learn a few tricks with my curling iron and straightener, maybe watch a few tutorials like this one, or read a few posts like this one. I just need to see what I can do to get back to my signature wavy look without looking like Lord Farquaad from Shrek... yes, it was that bad.

For school, I am obviously not going to start heat styling my hair every morning (let's remind ourselves I go to an all girls school and wear a sports bra everyday and have never entered the building with a stitch of makeup on), but I do want to preserve a little bit of my dignity. I love the half back bun look, and I will probably start doing a lot more french braids... my whole high ponytail thing isn't going to work anymore, time for a new signature style!

One look I am excited to try with the short hair is a deeper part! Straightening my hair has never been a long process for me, so I might start doing it a little more often because I'm sure it won't take long at all now that there is a lot less hair to work with, and I think a deep part looks so chic!

If you want to go back to my archives and read a sort of embarrassing, sort of funny post about my favorite hairstyles, consider this here your jackpot. Happy Monday!


  1. I cut my hair short and my hair is very similar to your texture, while I hate the dry-time I love the ease of the long loose waves. I've been adjusting to the shorter length because wearing it wavy actually takes more work for me personally. It's a learning process but it can look so cute once you get the hang of it!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  2. When I cut my hair super short I resorted to straightening it every day because it looked so cute and also only took like 10 minutes in the morning. Now that my hair has grown out I'm much lazier and rarely style my hair.

    xo, Kate //

  3. So I can't exactly relate to the short hair struggle, but I definitely understand what it's like having wavy hair. My hair naturally frizzes and puffs out even when it's long. One of my absolute favorite and easiest things I do in the morning is run a straightener through it so the waves are still there, yet less puffy at the ends, just a thing to try if you're interested! Good luck girl!


  4. I donated my hair sophomore year of high school and I'm a college freshman now--haven't even considered growing it out since. One thing I definitely recommend is getting your hair thinned out if you haven't yet already. My hair is super thick and can get 'puffy' when it air dries, and I hate the flip out at the ends! I straighten it daily with a 2" flat iron, which I think is way easier to use because it's so thick and fast. Trying to curl your hair will be a nightmare for the first couple of weeks, but if you practice you can get the hang of flat iron curls. I wouldn't recommend trying to curl your hair with an actual round barrel though--then it gets way too Shirley Temple. Good luck!!

  5. So glad I am not the only one that has weird short hair. I recently just cut my hair and now I notice that it is doing weird things my long hair never did. My hair is usually straight and after I shower there is always this little cow lick in the makes me so frustrated so I usually just straighten that little piece :)

    girl C


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