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Desktop Wallpapers + Laptop Organization

Fun fact... I'm really OCD about my desktop. I try to keep my laptop as organized as possible because between blog photos and documents, school papers and projects, endless college application essays, scholarship essays, and random other thing that I use my laptop for, it's just not practical for me to save files and photos wherever I want and expect to find them later. A big part of how I keep my laptop organized starts right at the desktop, and I love the method I have set up.

I only keep a few applications in my dock at the bottom of my screen because I don't see the point in having extra apps down there that I'm not going to use. The apps I use are available when I need them and things I don't use, or use less often, are just a few clicks away in Finder. 

On my actual desktop, I have a photos folder and a school folder, which each include a lot of the things I'm often working with, so it's nice to have them accessible. Inside my photos folder is a folder for desktop wallpapers and another containing the graphics I use on my blog. In my school folder I have another folder that contains college materials, like my essays and scholarship applications. I also color code all of my documents and projects by class.

Like I said, I have a whole folder dedicated to wallpapers. I keep a few desktop wallpapers always in rotation because I like have crisp and clean, but still aesthetically pleasing wallpapers on my desktop, and I know I'll get sick of my current photo within a few weeks. I always keep two desktops on my computer that I swipe back and forth between because it's easier when I'm working just to swipe to the right to look in my Spotify than to click over to it on my dock and have to minimize tabs.

My favorite place to find desktop wallpapers is Design Love Fest, but I find them on Pinterest and other random blogs too! Here are some of my saved backgrounds (and you can find the backgrounds above right here: blue // blush)

 Do you have any laptop organization tips?


  1. The desktop wallpapers are so cute! They will surely make my laptop much more organized. I think folders are the key to laptop organization. They help you find files so much more easier. Another tip that I see a lot of people not using is naming the file something appropriate. I keep seeing people name their files 'doc1' or 'english'. It's very hard to reopen the file you are looking for if you have to open every single one.

    girl C

  2. I'm straight up obsessed with these backgrounds-they're so chic & pretty!

    xoox, SS

    The Southern Stylista

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