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Current Playlist

For me, music always comes in bursts. I play the same 6-7 songs on repeat for a week or two until I can't stand them anymore, and then repeat the cycle all over again. My current playlist...

It's kind of a funky mix of songs... A little bit of pump-up, a little rap, a few slower ones, and some random jams in the mix too! However, Mumford and Sons entire "Wilder Mind" album is incredible and I've been especially queueing a ton of those songs.

What are you listening to? I want to hear your favorite jams!!


  1. I just discovered Omen by Disclosure and it's been on repeat since! Thanks for sharing I've been needing an updated playlist myself!

  2. This playlist is so perfect! Love these songs!

    Practically Imperfect

  3. I really love "New Americana" by Halsey, "Surrender" by Cash Cash and "The Walker" by Fitz & The Tantrums. Those three songs have totally been on repeat recently! Love your picks too! I love G-Eazy!

    Xoxo, Kate //

  4. Mumford and Sons are quite amazing. Their previous two albums are excellent as well!


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