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New Adventures

I never talk about my brother here on the blog. He's probably come up a few times in a recap of vacation or something, but I don't think I've ever expanded on his existence in any vast detail before. However, this whole post basically revolves around the fact that he is leaving for college today (!!!) and I now have to get used to being an only child for the next year. Not sure how I feel about that...

Adrian and I are obviously only a year apart in school (he's going to be a freshman; I'm a senior), but we are two years apart in age. We have never been super close, but all of my friends, however, are questionably really obsessed with him because I have to admit, he might be one of the funniest people I know. He's also incredibly chill and has the best taste in music of anyone (goals). It's always been kind of funny whenever we go in public together just us and people always think we are dating because we look nothing alike. 

Anyways, he's leaving for college today. It's such a weird concept for me to fathom... that he won't be here. I will have to make fun of my mom alone. I won't sit across from him at dinner or fight with him over our car on the weekends. He won't ask me to play tennis with him on a Saturday afternoon or harass me about my boyfriend. It's basically like he's dead, but he's actually only in Chicago and he's just a phone call or text or train ride away... although he made it very clear that I am not allowed to visit him (lol thanks bud).

Adrian leaving for college says so much about the last 17 years. I always took for granted that he was by my side. I never got to really know him, I never really tried to spend time with him. We hardly ever talked! It's not that we don't get along, but we are two so incredibly different people. I can only wish him the best in college and I know he will do marvelous things.

Do you have siblings that have gone away to college? How was the transition for you? (PS- We shot a few family pics at my senior portrait photoshoot. What do you think?)

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  1. This is so sad! Make sure he reads this..he might want you to visit after he realizes how much you care about him:) Good luck on being the only child for a year, I cannot even imagine!


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