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Senior Year + Senior Picture Surprise

Starting senior year today is so bittersweet. Everyone knows it's your last "first day" of a lot of things... packing your lunch and driving to high school, living at home, and so much more. But, it's also something I grew up never imagining I'd actually be here one day. I have so many memories of myself waiting for braces (shocking, I know), waiting for prom, excited for my first kiss, imagining myself on a varsity sport... In a way, senior year is just the end to a lot of memories that I've already had, and I never grew up imagining where I'd be after all those things happened. In a sense, that means I have no expectations of myself. I don't have that vision of what my year will be like compared to junior year; I get a clean slate in my own mind. I'm excited to begin the end and make the most of my senior year.


PS- Coincidentally, my senior pictures came in yesterday! Below is a little sneak peek. More will for sure be on the blog in the weeks to come!


  1. Have a wonderful senior year! Take lots of pics, don't say no often, and take a couple minutes every once in awhile to take it all in!

  2. I hope you have the best senior year-soak it all in because even though life truly is wonderful after graduation, you'll always cherish those memories! Your senior pictures look great by the way :)

    xoox, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  3. Love that quote from OTH! Your senior pictures look awesome!


  4. So pretty! I'm a senior this year as well! Now everything is the "Last... first day of high school, welcome back dance...". It is definitely bittersweet.


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