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This year's birthday is kind of a funny one. I grew up never having my birthday during the school year, and then for the past two years of high school it happened to be on the second or third day of school. However, this time around, today is "check-in" day at my school, and this is the same as it was freshman year. It's funny to me that I'll be 17 today when I know there are a few girls in the junior class that are already 17 (I'm seriously super young for my grade!) and I'm just now getting to see an R-rated movie legally when half my friends will be able to vote in a matter of months! 

I celebrated with my dad in Rhode Island after a fun day in Block Island (more on my trip to come) on Tuesday with my favorite banana ice cream from Brickley's in Narragansett for dessert. I got home around midnight last night from the airport and today I have our team's first field hockey game of the season (beyond excited to be playing varsity this year!!) in the evening. To me, 17 isn't too special of a birthday, but of course it's always a fun day of the year for me and I'm grateful for every year I get to enjoy and tuck under my belt. 16 was fabulous, and I can only wish that 17 is half as fun! Perhaps senior year and beginning college will top my junior prom and driver's license, but we will just have to wait and see :)



  1. happy birthday! "young and sweet, only seventeen.." :) wishing you the best year!

  2. Ah happy birthday!! You have a year to be a Dancing Queen!! Have the best senior year ever :)

    xoxo, Mal

  3. Happy birthday, girl! I turn 17 in a few months; can't believe how fast time flies! We are going to be out in the real world before we know it. I wish you all the best :)

    XOXO Paulina

  4. Happy Birthday! But you're seriously not super young for your grade! I turn 17 in two months and I just began senior year haha! I have quite a few friends just now turning 17!


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