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Tips for Surviving Long Vacations

As I return home after another two week vacation tomorrow, I am truly so grateful for the memories and the experiences I had and the time I spent here in Europe! However, as most vacations seem to go for me, I am beyond exhausted and so so ready to be heading home. 

I grew up going on week long vacations to the East Coast and and random other states for spring break, family events, etc., but as of late, this trip, and especially France back in the spring, and a few others here and there have really gotten to me... I just can't handle vacations that last longer than a week or so! I feel so burned out and my FOMO (fear of missing out) has hit an extreme when I think about my friends at home and what they're all up to. 

Today I am sharing a few tips for how I've learned to cope with long trips and enjoy my adventures from arrival to departure!

Make sure to adapt early // Adjust to the time change, brush up on a few important phrases if there's a language barrier where you're traveling, etc. Making yourself feel a little more at home in the city/state/country that you're visiting will making the whole trip a lot more comfortable!

Don't ask for details from your friends // Hearing about the party last night while you were on the top of the Eiffel Tower makes even Paris look boring when you could've been hanging out with friends! You can always ask about what they've been up to when you get back, and chances are hearing about their week or days while you've been gone will just make you sad.

Get into a little bit of a routine // Getting enough sleep, making a plan for each day, and little things that will keep you energized and excited for your trip will help you avoid feeling too tired and cranky for exploring or sightseeing! I know for me, getting to bed early is a challenge especially when I'm on vacation, but it really is worth it.

What tips do you have?

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