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Limoges Recap

Although I've already posted a reflection on my experience as an exchange student, I wanted to share some fun snaps and show you all what I actually did for those 11 days in Limoges, France! Unfortunately, I took very few pictures of the actual town, so bear with me.

I arrived on a Friday afternoon and went straight to the school we exchange with to find my host, Camille. After heading back at her house to drop off my bags, we went into the most charming village of Limoges and she showed me around before stopping at a cafe to have drinks and hang out with her friends! The first weekend was quite fun, spending Saturday in the town again for shopping, a movie, dinner, and more exploring with her friends and a few other American girls as well. Sunday we explored the Cathedral and gardens, and picked up amazing macarons. One thing to note about France: the food is amazing. Honestly, I don't think there was one thing I tried and didn't like on the whole trip!

The whole next week, Monday through Friday, was school days. However, me and the other American girls went on a series of excursions throughout the week with our teacher. French school is very long and difficult if you don't understand what's going on, so our field trips were quite necessary. Monday was a full school day, but on Tuesday we left for an afternoon in Oradour Sur Glane. If you're unfamiliar with Oradour, it's a small town outside of Limoges that the Nazi's invaded, destroyed, and ruined. However, the town was preserved and is now a place where you can go and remember what happened as a reminder of the horrible events of World War II. Although sad, the visit was really interesting and it was eye-opening to see a town in that state. 

Wednesday was no school for us, we spent the morning at the Lascaux caves, the afternoon in Montignac, and then visited the Chateau of Hautefort before returning to our host families. The Lascaux caves were really cool, but it was hard for me to get into it considering they are just caves... Despite that, it was still interested to see them and I enjoyed the tour! After, however, was a lot more fun! We went into the adorable little town of Montignac, France where we had time to go off on our own to explore and have lunch. Aaand, this is where I started using my camera (finally! - but lots more snaps on my Instagram)

The little markets everywhere are so cute.

Following Montignac was the Chateau de Hautefort. In total, we visited three castles, and this was probably the least grand. It was of course still beautiful and so fun to walk around in. This castle is apparently where the movie Ever After was filmed, too!

Thursday was another full day of school, but that evening was pretty fun! Thursday after school, which ended at 6 PM that day, all of the Americans and their French hosts went to play Laser Tag, which I thought was a random activity, but it turned out so be so fun. After, we went to see a synchronised swimming show, also strangely unexpected, but still entertaining. Friday afternoon we went on another little excursion after our morning classes. Limoges is known for their porcelain, and so we took a tour of the factory! This was actually a lot cooler than I had expected and the porcelain was gorgeous.

Friday evening was low-key, as was most of that second weekend. Saturday night I went to a little music festival type show, and then spent Sunday at mass and relaxing for Easter. Monday was no school, so her family took us out to a lake for a picnic, as it was my last day. Tuesday I left for Paris, so stayed tuned to see lots more about that!



  1. Looks so fun - beautiful pictures!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  2. Everything is so incredibly beautiful, I can't wait to see even more pictures :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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