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Crewcuts Faves

Ugh, I know I've talked about Crewcuts before, but I seriously can't stress enough how fabulous it is. Really, if you're anywhere around or under a size 4 in J. Crew, you could probably make Crewcuts work for you! The kid's line goes up to size 16 in girls, and I bet boys sizes could reach even a larger range of adults/older shoppers with their styles. Not to mention, the accessories are even cute too if you're not into shopping kid's clothes.

Lately, Crewcuts has just been so on point. I'm loving the fun and colorful twists the line takes on classic J. Crew. Shop my current favorites:

Do you shop Crewcuts? I've heard GAP kids is great too!


  1. I've definitely shopped GAP kids and even the Old Navy kids section before, so I'll have to check out Crewcuts!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  2. I love all those choices! So cute and Crewcuts always ships free if ordered online!


  3. I wish I could fit, so cute!!

    xoxo, Mal


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