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9 Gorgeous Long Dresses for Prom

Prom for my school is approaching this weekend, but the boys prom (significantly more exciting) is just two weekends away, too! I'm so excited to get dressed up and it's been hard for me to believe that prom, something I've imagined my whole life, is actually here! It's kind of funny when I think about how I'd always thought prom would be... I definitely thought my date was going to be my long-term high school boyfriend... LOL, as if. I've had my short prom dress since October, but I just recently ordered my long option for the boy's school- their dance is fancier so we go long for that, so fun! Through searching, I found a ton of gorgeous dresses, and I couldn't resist to share them with you all. Just being helpful, of course :) I'm a little anxious to see how my long dress ends up looking on me, I'm not too experienced in the maxi department!

Can you guess which dress I ordered?! I'll reveal it once it arrives (if it works out, crossing my fingers!!).
Which one is your favorite, and tell me, what are your prom plans?!


  1. Yay prom is so much fun, and I was scared about ordering online too! I can't wait to see what dress you choose. my favorite is the 6th dress because I love the light blue floral print :)


  2. LOVE the selections you've made! Prom is so so fun. I got my dress from BCBG this year and I'm in love!

    - Kirstin

  3. I love the yellow & raspberry options, they're so perfect for prom!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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