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Currently Obsessed: White Blouse

If there's one thing I'm focused on right now it's definitely the fact that my French trip is coming up in just a little over 3 weeks (!!!). I'm beyond excited, but shopping for the trip has been a little stressful because I've never been to France, and the weather is so unpredictable. However, this past weekend I stopped in at Anthropologie and fell in love with this top.

A white blouse (or a few...) would be a fun and easy chic top to mix with any combination of things during my 17 day séjour to France. Shop below a few of my favorite picks...

What do you think of the white blouse? Any recommendations?


  1. I love it so much!
    Could you please do a post on how to style it? I have so many plain white blouses and I just can't style them!


  2. Perfect! I love white blouses...they go with everything!


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