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So... Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift are on the cover of Vogue this month. Haven't seen it? Here it is: 

I've probably spent a significant percent of my time in the last, like, 3 days just staring at the photos from their shoot and drooling. They're beyond gorgeous together, their friendship is just amazing. And then, of course, I started stalking more celebrity best friends here, and I can only tell you that wishing I was Kendall Jenner with a sidekick as fabulous as Cara Delevingne is an understatement. I mainly wish I could be Kate Moss (without trying cocaine) and live life side by side Naomi Campbell circa the 90's, but I think I have to settle with just flipping through the new issue's articles and pretending I'm a supermodel or super talented singer with an empire already built in my 20's.

On a similar note, the funniest thing happened about a week ago. Carin and I went to brunch and then shopping after (beyond typical) and then tweeted a selfie. A few people replied to the tweet, one of whom said "#bffgoals". Um, being someone else's life goals is like life goals in itself. We were cracking up and felt like celebrities. It was hilarious. 

So basically I'm a creepy celebrity BFF stalker, but here are my fave duos (not including Karlie and Taylor, I thought that was kind of obvious)...

Beyonce + Gwyneth

Naomi + Kate

Cara + Kendall

Who's your favorite celeb BFF duo?


  1. Omg that was me! Too funny that you did a post on it! Seriously though. Besties who brunch together, stay together;)


  2. My favorites are Karlie/Taylor and Cara/Kendall, especially but I just love all these #girlgangs in general!

    - Kirstin

  3. Actually Beyonce and Gwyneth seem like a bit of a power duo...BFF goals indeed!

  4. Haha love this! Karlie/Taylor and Beyonce/Gwyneth and definitely two of my absolute favorites!!
    xx, Mikkaela


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