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Interview with J. Crew Addicts

One of my favorites accounts on twitter is J. Crew Addicts. I seriously could scroll through her feed for hours and retweet everything. I asked a few questions to Dana (the brains behind the brand) because I was so interested, so I hope you find this fun as well! Dana is gorgeous and so sweet, enjoy!


Your Twitter account is amazing. Every tweet is so relatable! Any tips for coming up with great content? I feel like Twitter is a platform I've had trouble getting the hang of. 

Thank you so much! Coming up with content has never been a problem for me. I made this account to express my love for J.Crew and many other things, so it's almost a place for me to vent. I think the key to having great content is being original and yourself, also not being afraid to share opinions that may differ from other opinions. 

How do you engage with your followers?

Engaging with my followers is one of my favorite things about my JCA account! I often ask for opinions and they ask for mine. I'm very friendly and my followers can reach me through DM, email, tumblr, and many other ways. My followers are what fuel my love for JCA and I love them all. 

What exactly is J. Crew Addicts? Just a Twitter account or is there more?

Okay, so back before this account even existed I followed an account called "J.Crew Probs" (short for J.Crew problems). The account had some funny and very relatable J.Crew tweets. I noticed the account was becoming inactive and I missed it dearly so I decided to create J.Crew Addicts! I not only have a twitter but an instagram and a tumblr for this account. Maybe one day it will evolve into a blog but for now I am content with how things are going.

What are your goals for JCA?

My main goals for JCA right now are to expand and connect. I have a twitter, instagram, and tumblr like I said but I would possibly like a blog in the future. As for the connecting part, I would love to connect with more of my followers. Also, I hope this account will open some doors for me, it already has and I am loving it.

Follow J. Crew Addicts here.... twitter // instagram // tumblr


  1. Love this interview!

  2. Great interview!
    xx, Mikkaela

  3. This was such a fun interview! I've never heard of J Crew Addicts before, so thank you for sharing! :)

    Makin' it with Marissa


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