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Balanced Relationships

I struggle a lot with building relationships that flow equally both ways. Am I putting too much into this friendship? Is that person not reciprocating my efforts? Finding a healthy balance is something I desire to achieve, but working towards this goal is hard.

This weekend was incredibly eye opening for me in terms of this. I was forced to make a lot of decisions about relationships that I wasn't quite sure if I was ready for or not. Sometimes things worked out, sometimes they didn't, and I definitely learned that the hard way. 

The lesson I learned this weekend is to trust your gut. On Friday I made a decision that I needed to tell my friends about over the weekend. What I learned is that no matter how hard something might be, you need to do the right thing and it will all work out in the end. I'm not the best at handling situations, but it's important to always trust your gut when making a big one. On Sunday I definitely messed up and ditched a friend to hang out with someone else, which turned out to be way worse than expected. Never forget to see situations from all perspectives and to accept your wrongdoings whenever they may occur.

Have a great week, I'm back to school today after a long weekend!


  1. I can definitely relate. Thanks for the great advice!


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