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My Brain Hurts

Lol... you guys, I did the most embarrassing thing. Long story short, I have a concussion. Long story: I was tubing at the lake on Sunday and we were going so slow on such bumpy waters that I got what I like to consider shaken baby syndrome (it's not funny. children can die from that. 16 year olds on the other hand...) and now I'm concussed. I had to sit out from field hockey practice yesterday and I really can't describe how embarrassing it is to explain to people that I'm concussed from being shaken around too much. Honestly, I don't think this would ever happen to anyone else besides me. Smh. Hahahahhaah see what I did there?! Smh means shake my head in case you're confused.

Happy Wednesday!!! Enjoy the pinspiration!


  1. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry I hope you feel better! And having a concussion is nothing to be embarrassed about accidents happen. Love this pinspiration!

  2. SFS - Shakin' Frannie Syndrome! Jokes aside, I hope that you're feeling better. What a sucky way to start the school year! Blah!

    Mandie ~


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