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Birthday Party Recap

Hello, everyone! Today is my first day of school, and I'm glad I finished off the summer on a positive note by hosting my 16th birthday party on Saturday. I asked for your help with what to wear a few weeks ago {here}, and I did order the dress that had the most votes {this one here}, but I ended up changing my venue and I needed a much more casual outfit for the party. I decided to go with an all-white look and neutral sandals and naturally wavy hair! I was really happy with my outfit, and you can see the entire look from my instagram {here}

I had a rooftop party at one of the most delicious restaurants in the cutest section of downtown called the Third Ward. Think great food, cool stores (Anthropologie, little boutiques), and interesting people watching. I curated a custom menu and the salmon salad was definitely the most popular meal of choice! One of my favorites, too!

I hosted 10 girls for the lunch/late brunch at 2 PM, but I invited 14 (I think?). Four of my closest friends actually couldn't make it for sports tournaments. In fact, I had a field hockey tournament that day too that I skipped!

It was a very Kate Spade filled party! My friends know me so well ;)

The bakery botched my cake... I wanted it completely plain on the outside with a lavender monogram and they went overboard. Not going to lie, I was near tears when I saw it (it was kind of horrendous), however, it was very delicious, which is all that really matters! It was a lemon cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting.

Hydrangeas for the table, of course! I also gave the cutest caramel apples as the party favor!

I matched with my mom which I thought was so fun. The party was a great success all thanks to her!

Wish me luck on my first day of school!


  1. These photos are so cute Fran! And your outfit is adorable! Happy birthday to you!

    XO! Katelyn //

  2. next year i expect an invite... ok? ;)
    your party looks like it was seriously SO much fun, and the food looks amazing!!!

  3. Ya, I expect an invite too! ;) hahah! It looks like it was amazing Fran! I wish I could have been there in person, but know I was there in spirit! :) Also, be expecting something from me in the mail in like the next week! XO

  4. Aww it looks like everyone had a really great time :) I wish I got invited to more parties like this, I miss having tasteful friends hahahaaha ;)

  5. Looks like a very fun gathering! So sorry about your cake!!

  6. It looks like you had a lovely time. Happy 16th!


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