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Handling Difficult Situations

I'm not going to lie, I'm not an incredibly nice person 100% of the time; my inner bitch doesn't always stay so internal. However, it isn't hard for me to try and analyze both sides of the story when I'm in a difficult situation. I don't struggle to understand other people's perspective, and I think that's why I might come off a little blunt or abrasive, because I know what the other person might be feeling and I'm not afraid to share what I'm really feeling too.

I have a friend who constantly gets upset over the littlest things. It's frustrating because anything anyone does she always seems to make a problem out of it. Do you have one of those friends? It makes it challenging to do what you want without feeling like you know you won't be getting someone else's stamp of approval. It's important to realize that when you're trying to work out a situation with someone that you're completely honest. I could probably be a professional compulsive liar when it comes to anything and everything, but when someone is seriously overdramatizing a situation, it's always best to deal with the problem openly and truthfully to avoid getting bit in the back by one of your lies later on. 


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  1. One of my favorite quotes--"Align yourself with positive people who make you feel good." It's hard to let friendships go, but I've found that when a friend makes you question your values and character, a little distance is often the best decision. Look for new friends who appreciate your honesty and who you feel accept you without searching for their approval--you'll feel better, and your friendships will be stronger. I finally adopted this quote as my mantra, and since doing so, I've made some of the closest friends of my life.


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