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Weekend Wear

Living by the water definitely has it's perks... Sunday was super windy when I shot these photos, but they turned out pretty well for what I was working with!

I'm posting this outfit because it's definitely not one of my cutest looks, but it's an outfit that's in constant rotation in my closet. I think it's so easy as a blogger {especially a teenage blogger!} to put on an outfit that you're never going to get a chance to wear and honestly, if there is one thing that an all girls school has taught me, it's that I just don't care that much about how I look half the time... I'm not even wearing a dash of makeup in these pics! 

Introducing my weekend uniform...

jacket: j. crew // top: j. crew // jeans: gap



  1. The third photo is so pretty! I love our outfit - it's realistic and practical, but still looks great!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  2. This outfit is absolutely stunning- I need that jacket I have been eyeing it forever! Have a great weekend :)



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