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In Shape For Spring Break

I think I'm going to say a thank you prayer to God tonight for putting track and lent on the same schedule, and conveniently right before spring break. Without giving up junk food and all chocolate whatsoever (I do this every year and haven't been able to complete it without cheating yet), and working out every day after school for track, I think I'd be too embarrassed to even go on spring break... that's how out of shape I am.

Today I've compiled a few different ways to get in shape before spring break. For more ideas, feel free to follow along on my Fitness Pinterest board. 

30-Day Ab Challenge: This calendar works for any month, not just June like it says. I think I've posted about this on the blog before, but I definitely never got all the way through it. I'm going to try to stay on track with this, and maybe even do this for crunches as well as squats. Knowing me, I'll get three days through and totally forget about it... oops.

I'm not into dieting or putting weird fibers into green drinks or going through a complete body detox, I just kind of want to clean up my eating and cut out some junk food. I tried this over the summer and I got three days into it (I swear) but then I sort of, um, went to a birthday party and a piece of cake later, all dreams were down the drain. But, I must say, while you're doing this you will feel so good about yourself.

A few other things... 

1. The Lenten project at our school is called the water project this year. This means only drinking water during Lent and then whatever money we would typically spend on Starbucks or other drinks we will donate to school to give to those who do not have enough water. I'm going to try this and I'll see how well I do! 

2. There are a ton of workouts on Pinterest that give little ideas of at-home exercises that you can do each day. I like this one best; I think it has a good variety.

3. Don't push past your limits! I just want to get in shape for Spring Break... after that I think we all know I'll go back to four cookies a day and Starbucks every weekend ;) 

What is your health/fitness routine?


  1. Giving up junk food for lent is a good idea - I think that's what I'm going to do! The Lenten Project sounds really great. Good luck!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  2. I needed to see this so much... I've been slacking so much lately on my exercise in preparation for spring break!


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