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Exercise Attire

In honor of track starting today and my completely necessary shopping spree for cute workout clothes yesterday, I figured I'd do a little roundup of fun attire for exercise. You can get cute workout clothes just about anywhere, but I think price and practicality and of course, style, are all very important factors that can not all be found in one place. My go-to places for workout wear are Lululemon, Target, and TJ Maxx. Lululemon can be a little pricey, but the quality has been superb since the see-through yoga pants scandal. TJ Maxx and Target are great for really practical pieces at a fabulous prices. Oh, and of course, Nike tempo shorts are a personal favorite of mine. Also, I've found recently that American Eagle, GAP, Anthropologie, and even Forever 21 all have some super stylish options! Shop a few of my workout picks below... 

When it comes to getting dressed for a workout, I have a couple methods down. 

To Run: Tank top + shorts 
To Run if it's freezing cold outside: 1/4 zip jacket + lined long sleeve Under Armour type shirt + running leggings
To play field hockey: Tank top or short sleeve workout top or tee shirt + skirt
To go to the gym: Tee shirt or short sleeve workout top + shorts or cropped leggings
To go to Yoga: Tank top or long or short sleeve workout top+ crops, leggings, or yoga pants

What do you wear when you work out? And, where do you get your workout clothes? I would love any suggestions!


  1. As much as I am pro-kilt for field hockey, I love playing in shorts! Give it a try! Good luck in track season!

  2. I am planning on doing a post of my favorite workout gear as well since I think (maybe possibly) I'm going to start working out! But first- I need inspiration ;) love this post!


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