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The Leather Tote {For All Budgets}

I have a few vacations planned for this year and I've been looking around for a good, versatile carry on. Introducing: the leather tote. Classic, basic, and durable for all occasions, leather totes come in a million and one styles and prices ranges.

leather totes

My personal favorite has to be the classic Mark and Graham.. don't forget that baby can be monogrammed! Oh, but what's love to love about that gorgeous Anabel Ingall bag?

Which is your favorite?


  1. I love the Anabel Ingall one - it's stunning! Plus I have an affinity with the name of the designer, haha :P

    Belle //

  2. Ha ha HAHA ha... the "save" one has gone above my "splurge" range omg this is embarrassing haha ;)


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