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Oh, Christmas Tree

Happy Monday! Sorry I've been MIA... With exams in (eep!) only two days, I've been super busy studying and haven't had much time for blogging. On the bright side, we put up our Christmas tree last night and I found a little time to share a few pictures...

Our tree isn't as full and big this year as it usually is, but I think we did a really nice job of hanging the ornaments this year! I love decorating our tree as we listen to Christmas music and load our tree with lights and ornaments! I really like the way we decorate because we don't overflow our tree with ornaments and the selection is usually more classic rather than random little finds, something I really like...

How do you decorate your tree?


  1. Your ornaments are so pretty! I decorate my tree with husband. He has so many ornaments that he had from when he was a child! This year we finally had enough ornaments so that we could leave some of the cheap, yucky, and broken ornaments off of the tree. A good number of his ornaments looked like they came out of cereal boxes. But I love that he has such a wonderfully random mix of ornaments. I will have to share my favorites on my blog sometime.

  2. I really like your more classic style of ornaments, but I decorate mine completely different, haha! I like bright, colorful and whimsical ornaments and I like to have my tree totally covered with them :)

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely


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