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I feel like the few days post-Christmas can sort of throw us into a rut; the excitement that comes with the holiday seemed to have disappeared 30 minutes after that last gift was opened, or the realization that you ate 12 cookies yesterday has finally hit.

For me, I know I'll be spending this third day post-Christmas exercising (my cardio this week consisted of running across a parking lot... once) and organizing. I just got home last night around eight from St. Louis and have yet to unpack and clean my room, etc.

On the positive side, I'm too excited for a party tomorrow night to celebrate my friend's 16th birthday and felt a little inspiration was in order- and not to mention, but New Year's Eve is right around the corner!

party inspiration

What are your plans for this weekend?


  1. Such a fun inspiration board!

    ~ Caroline

  2. Love this inspo board! The skirt is really cute.



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